About My Tree/ Frequently Asked Questions

Location:  Hawai`i Island—Kealakekua (Nani Ekolu Ranch)

When:  The tree has already been planted.

                It was planted this planting season (Dec-Apr)

                It will be planted next planting season (Dec-Apr)

How: The tree was first nurtured in a controlled nursery until it is about 12-24 inches tall.  Then it is planted on previously used pasture land and marked with  GPS coordinates.  The tree will be watered and monitored throughout its entire life.

What: Acacia Koa (Koa tree) endemic to the Hawaiian Islands that thrives at 3,000-6,000 ft elevation.

You do not own the tree, you are sponsoring the tree.  It will never be cut live or harvested.  If your tree dies, another one will be planted in its’ place.

Who: Under the direction of dedicated volunteers who will plant the trees.

Why: 90% of Hawai`i’s endemic forests have been lost in the last 100 years to ranching, farming, development, erosion, and feral or wild animals.  It is our chance to make an impact in our environment and be a role model for others around the world.  Koa is a nitrogen fixing species which means that it provides nutrients for all the plants around and underneath it.  Koa is a keystone species that creates habitat for all types of plant, insect, and bird species.

What is used: We use organic soil, cinder, peatmoss and fertilizers to plant our native trees.

What do I get: After sponsoring a tree you will receive a certificate in the mail that has the GPS coordinates of the tree.  You can then ‘visit’ your tree via a link on www.reforesthawaii.org or simply by inputting the GPS coordinates into Google Earth.

Can I visit my tree? Yes, you may visit the tree by clicking on the ‘Visit My Tree’ button on www.reforesthawaii.org (found under the “About My Tree” tab) or simply input the tree’s GPS coordinates (found on the certificate) in Google Earth and you will be transported to your tree.