E OLA KOA Men’s TREE-Shirt Indigo with White Design


E Ola Koa TREE Shirt Men’s Indigo/White – E Ola Koa – Live Like a Koa Tree!

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Our Tree Shirts are very popular amongst people wanting to support the continued existence of the forests and share the ALOHA SPIRIT. 100% of the proceeds from these shirts will fund the education of conservation and preservation of forests.

The forests which are habitat to birds, insects and other living species are in enormous danger and could be lost forever. All of the native Hawaiian birds are on the endangered species list.

Your tax deductible donation to Saving Hawai’i’s Forests is heartfelt. Mahalo Nui

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E Ola Koa TREE Shirt Men’s Indigo/white

E Ola Koa – Live Like a Koa Tree! Koa means warrior in Hawaiian. Koa is significant in the Hawaiian culture and extremely valued by the forests. Koa stands as the tallest Endemic Hawaiian tree in the islands. It is known for its beauty and strength.

The tree shirt roots include inspirational sayings which are spelt out using “Live Like A Koa Tree”.

*Love and live passionately with your whole heart
*Inspire others to grow and reach their full potential
*Visualize yourself standing tall and providing support to a friend
*Excel and remain deeply rooted in your passion
*Live life and have fun
*Invite new growth in yourself while enjoying the raindrops as they fall
*Keep growing and if you fall there is a community to support you
*Enjoy the glorious sound in every birds song
*Aloha the place you stand and know you are in the place you belong
*Keep yourself grounded, standing tall and calm
*Open your heart infusing it with sunshine, love and serenity
*Always be genuinely humble and kind
*Trust your heart as it is the trunk of your tree
*Respect everyone as each of us are bent in the perfect shape
*Enjoy your neighbors love as their leaves provide shelter and shade
*Earth offers opportunity for your roots to be steadfast in life

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